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Name:Hollis "Holli" Golightly
Birthdate:Jul 7
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
In the beginning, there were two. Holli's mother died giving birth to him leaving Hollis and his older sister Fred alone with an unstable father. Fred, real name Alice, being 10 years older did her best to raise her baby brother but when their father went from drunk to abusive, she started trying to find a way out. Hollis was 8 when Fred married Doc. He wasn't a real doctor. He was a small time drug dealer with a house full of runaways that fueled Doc's side business. Private web cams featuring the teens that he housed.

For years, Fred didn`t rock the boat. Doc was a jealous man so he refused to let her have her own cam but once Holli hit puberty, he was expected earn his keep. Their happy home became a war zone. Doc turned out more abusive than even their father. Hollis and Fred attempted to escape but Doc caught them and threatened to kill Holli if she ever tried to leave him again. So they went back and Hollis got his own cam show. Thanks to his baby face, he quickly became Doc's top earner. Fred hated her baby brother being exploited but Hollis didn't actually mind. In fact, he started to like it. No one ever touched him. He was anonymously adored and his cut, while small, was still more than enough for him to buy whatever he wanted.

He was living the life until Doc got an offer from one of Holli's regulars for a face to face meeting. Hollis was apprehensive but Fred was furious that Doc planned to pimp her brother out. The fight became physical. Hollis tried to break it up. Doc pulled out a gun but Fred got in the way and ended up taking the shot in her chest. Doc was devastated, he let down his guard, and with the last of her strength, Fred took Doc's gun and shot him in the head.

Holli was horrified but there was no time to be traumatized. Sirens made the runaways scatter. Holli didn't stop running until he got to New York City.

Three years later, Holli's cam business is losing steam. He hads a few loyal fans that didn't dessert him for someone younger and new to the scene but its barely enough to pay the rent.

((This account is for rp purposes only. No profit. Hollis and mun are over the age of 18.))
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